Meet the New Director of People’s Action

  • Sulma is one of the most inquisitive people I have ever known. Always hungry to learn and get sharper.
  • She then turns that insight into vision. As just one example, she was tracking, naming, and taking on Trumpism years before it became a thing.
  • She is an organizer. Not a progressive who appreciates organizing, but an honest-to-goodness organizer who can organize people, ideas, and money to win.
  • She is willing to take great risk to deliver those wins, having literally gone toe to toe with powerful actors ranging from Kris Kobach to the CEO of Wells Fargo to Karl Rove.
  • She is a campaigner — Sulma has a track record of running strategic and hard-hitting campaigns at the local, state, and national level. Get ready for some winning people!



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George Goehl

George Goehl

George is an organizer and hosts the podcasts The Next Move & To See Each Other.